Biden to Mandate Vaccines for All Federal Employees, With No Option for Testing or Opt-Outs

President Joe Biden is expected to announce a vaccine mandate for all federal employees with no option for testing or opting out.

These steps are part of a 6-point Covid-19 action plan.

“We know that increasing vaccinations will stop the spread of the pandemic we’ll get the pandemic under control, we’ll return people to normal life. That’s what our objective is,” said Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary.

He is also expected to announce a major expansion to free testing, which public health officials have advocated for as children prepare to return to school and some workers begin to return to offices around the country.

That is a significant move beyond the one Biden announced earlier this summer that required federal workers be vaccinated but allowed for those who opted out to be subject to stringent mitigation measures,” CNN reported. “The White House has said the federal government should act as a model for other businesses in their own vaccine mandates, and has praised large companies that require employees to be vaccinated.”

Biden will speak at 5 p.m.