Katie Porter Rips Joe Manchin A New One For Opposing IRS Funding

Rep. Katie Porter (D-CA) spoke her mind and called Joe Manchin out for refusing to fully fund the IRS while denying American families what they need.


Porter said on MSNBC, “I would like to see Senator Joe Manchin come out in favor of fully funding the IRS, in favor of having a fair global corporate tax system. Once we raise that revenue, I am willing to talk to him about what we need to do to create a budget bill that meets his goal and definition of being fiscally responsible. I think it is dead on fiscally irresponsible for Senator Manchin to refuse to raise revenue, and at the same time talk out of the other side of his mouth, maybe it’s the same side that he uses to talk to his corporate donors complain we can’t pay for things that American families desperately need. “

Rep. Porter was correct. It is one thing for Manchin to be a conservative Democrat who has to watch out for his political future in deep-red West Virginia, but there is no excuse for a senator from one of the poorest states in the country protecting wealthy tax cheats as residents of his state go without needed aid.

As Rep. Porter said, there is a way to pass a fiscally responsible reconciliation bill, and it starts with allowing the IRS to do their jobs and go after wealthy tax cheats.