Liz Cheney Tells Trump To Bring It After He Endorses Her Primary Challenger

Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) told Trump to bring it after he endorsed her Republican primary challenger.

Cheney responded to Trump’s endorsement of her opponent:

In a longer statement, Cheney said:

Unlike the vast majority of elected Republicans, Liz Cheney is not afraid of Trump. The former president has a lot to lose by wading into a Republican House primary in Wyoming.

If Cheney wins the primary over the Trump-endorsed opponent, it will destroy the myth that Trump is some sort of a king and queen maker in the Republican Party who can’t be crossed.

So far, Trump has blustered a big game but has not spent his super PAC on funding Republican candidates.

If Trump follows his usual pattern, he will provide an endorsement, do a campaign appearance, and that is all.

I would not bet against Liz Cheney defeating the Trump-endorsed primary challenger.