Comedian Patton Oswalt Shows More Concern For The Health Of The People Of Florida Than Ron DeSantis

Comedian Patton Oswalt canceled Florida and Salt Lake City tour dates after venues would not comply with his vaccine mandate/negative COVID test request.

NBC News reported:

The good news is we’re keeping everyone who comes to these shows safe and healthy because the numbers are going up,” he said last Wednesday. “Now the bad news, of course, is there are five venues on the tour that are not complying with this.”

Oswalt said the cancelations affect four December dates in Florida and one in Salt Lake City that was scheduled for 2022.

Patton Oswalt Cares More About The Health And Safety Of Florida Than Ron DeSantis.

The reality is that Patton Oswalt is the exception, not the norm. Most touring acts, whether they are comedians or musicians, are so eager to get back out on the road after a year of lost income that they go along with local and state laws without objection.

Patton Oswalt showed that he is willing to take a hit in the wallet to keep himself and the people who attend his shows safe. If more artists followed his lead, places like Florida, Texas, and other red states that have banned vaccine mandates would pay an economic price for their deadly COVID spread.