Republicans Are Trying To Get The Troops To Go AWOL Over Vaccine Mandate

Republicans are circulating unsubstantiated claims as part of a campaign to get the troops to go AWOL over the vaccine mandate.

The video below is circulating on social media, and it contains claims that are not sourced, likely to be false, and unverified.


Republicans like this guy above, who is not in the military, are trying to encourage the troops to “walk off of the job.”

The problem is that members of the military can’t walk off of the job. If they do, they are considered AWOL and can at best be punished with a dishonorable discharge and lose all of their future benefits. At worst, they could be sentenced to military prison.

The military currently has 17 different vaccine mandates for those who serve and the authority to do forced involuntary vaccinations if necessary. 

(The authority was in place long before COVID).

People like the person in the video above are attempting to incite a military betrayal of the commander in chief.

This rhetoric is an attack on America that is intended to destabilize national security.

Hopefully, no one in the military sees this video and chooses to throw their career away.

Republicans are moving on to a new kind of sedition as they are attempting to undermine President Biden’s authority with the troops.