Republicans Turned Mississippi Schools Into A COVID Factory As 18,000 Kids Get Sick In A Month

Mississippi schools were open for one month and 18,000 kids got COVID and another 15,000 had to quarantine.

According to Business Insider:

According to state data, at least 18,825 students have tested positive for COVID-19 within the first month of school and more than 15,000 had to quarantine last week alone.

Only46%of Mississippians 12 and older, who are eligible to get the coronavirus vaccines, are fully vaccinated — one of theworst vaccination rates in the country

Nine children have died in Mississippi since the beginning of the pandemic, and nearly 20,000 have been sickened in a month.

President Biden can’t mandate masks in schools, which is a state and local matter, but he can encourage school districts to impose their own mandates by assuring them that salaries will be paid by the federal government if their governor tries to punish them for enacting a mask mandate.

As Fox News cries “medical tyranny,” President Biden is doing what he can to keep kids safe in school.

The Mississippi public school system has long been one of the worst in the country. Before COVID, it was underfunded, and now it is in crisis, and Republicans in the state are refusing to act to help keep kids healthy and safe at school.