Vice President Harris speaks in Shanksville on 9/11

VP Kamala Harris Pushes Back On GOP Death Cult Dividing America In Powerful 9/11 Remarks

Vice President Kamala Harris honored the heroes of Flight 93 and used their story to deliver a powerful message about unity, as Republicans divide America with COVID.

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Vice President Harris Honors Flight 93 Heroes.


Vice President Harris said in Shanksville, PA:

We had differences of upon in 2001 as we do in 2021. And, I believe that in America, our diversity is our strength. At the same time, we saw after 9/11 how fear can be used to sow division in our nation. As Sikh and Muslim Americans were targeted because of how they looked or ho worshipped, but we also saw what happens when so many Americans in the spirit of our nation stand in solidarity with all people and their fellow Americans, with those who experience violence and discrimination, when we stand together.

And looking back, we remember the vast majority of Americans were unified in purpose to help families heal, to help communities recover, to defend our nation, and to keep us safe. In a time of outright terror, we turned toward each other. In the face of a stranger, we saw a neighbor and a friend. That time reminded us of the significance and the strength of our unity as Americans. And that it is possible in America. So moments from now, we will leave this hallowed place, still carrying with us the pain of this loss, this tremendous loss, and still, the future will continue to unfold.

We will face new challenges, challenges that we could not have seen 20 years ago. We will seize opportunities that were at one time unimaginable, and we know that what lies ahead is not certain. It is never certain, it has never been. But I know this, if we do the hard work of working together as Americans, if we remain united in purpose, we will be prepared for whatever comes next. The 40 passengers and crew members of flight 93, as we all know, they didn’t know each other; most of them didn’t know each other. They were different people from different places. They were on that particular flight for different reasons.

But they did not focus on what may separate us. No, they focused on what we all share. On the humanity we all share. In a matter of minutes, in the most dire of circumstances, the 40 responded as one. They fought for their own lives and to save the lives of countless others at our nation’s capital. After today, it is my hope and prayer that we continue to honor their courage, their conviction, with our own. That we honor their unity by strengthening our common bonds, by strengthening our global partnerships, and by always living out our highest ideals. This work will not be easy, it never has been. And it will take all of us believing in who we are as a nation. And it will take all of us going forth to work together.

Harris’s Message Of Unity Was A Pushback Against The GOP’s Pandemic Politics Of Division

It is impossible not to connect Vice President Harris’s remarks about the heroes of Flight 93 and the politics of division that are being practiced by Republicans during the pandemic.

Gov. Ron DeSantis is causing nearly a 9/11 each week in Florida in terms of COVID deaths. 

The passengers on Flight 93 united to prevent an attack on the Capitol, while 20 years later, Republicans honor domestic terrorists who attacked the Capitol and are killing Americans for political gain.

Americans joined together against terrorists who attacked the nation twenty years ago, and now they must do the same to defeat a pandemic and those Republicans who are looking to politically gain from sickness and death.

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