Rudy Giuliani 9/11 dinner

A Possibly Trashed Rudy Giuliani Implicates Himself In The Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

At the 9/11 dinner, Rudy Giuliani insulted the Queen of England and then claimed that he never was with Prince Andrew and underage girls.


Giuliani did an embarrassing impression of Queen Elizabeth while falsely claiming that he turned down a knighthood because he would lose his citizenship.

Giuliani then rambled on to Prince Andrew, “I never went out with him! Ever! Never had a drink with him! Never was with a woman or a young girl with him! Ever ever! One time I met him in my office. Remember, Bernie? You were there.” 

We’ve reached the point in Rudy Giuliani’s downfall where he has now publicly urinated on his undeserved 9/11 legacy.

Why would Giuliani bring up Prince Andrew and the Jeffrey Epstein scandal if he had nothing to do with it?

It looks Giuliani needs to be sent to prison so that he can stop drinking and potentially publicly implicating himself in criminal activity.

Rudy Giuliani is clearly out of control, and the more he keeps talking the more dangerous it becomes for Donald Trump, and every Republican who has ever spent time around him.


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