Biden Lays It Out For California Recall: Keep Gavin Newsom, Or Get Trump

While campaigning for Gov. Newsom in California, President Biden said that voters could keep Gavin Newsom, or they’ll get Trump.


Biden said:

I’m going to make this as simple as I can. You either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor, or you’ll get Donald Trump. It’s not a joke. Republican governor blocking progress on covid-19 who is also anti-woman, anti-worker, a climate denier who doesn’t believe in choice. The choice should be absolutely clearGavin Newsom, you have a governor who has the courage to lead, and in Gavin Newsom, you have a governor who shares the state’s values.

In Gavin, you have a governor to make sure Donald Trump’s dark, destructive, divisive politics never finds a place in California. So, please, not a joke. On behalf of the people of Delaware and Pennsylvania and Minnesota, and all across America, don’t take anything for granted. 

It really is that simple. California can have Gavin Newsom or a Donald Trump mini-me as governor. Elder is already claiming that the election was rigged before the election has been held.

Larry Elder would be a disaster for California and a disaster for the United States of America.