Bad News For Republicans: Biden Mandate To Increase Vaccinations And Grow The Economy

A new forecast by Goldman Sachs of the impact of President Biden’s vaccine mandate found that vaccinations will increase by 12 million and the economy will grow.

Goldman Sachs Forecasts More Vaccinations And Economic Growth From Mandate.

American Lives Will Be Saved With Vaccine Mandate

The forecast shows that the people who choose to leave their jobs instead of getting vaccinated will be the exception, not the norm. President Biden’s vaccine mandate will save more lives than the 12 million people who will get vaccinated. Those 12 million people will save other lives through their act of vaccination.

The economy will grow more because more vaccinated people equals more economic productivity.

The forecast is bad news for Republicans who are hoping to keep America sick and the economy hobbled so that they can take advantage of voter anger in the midterm election.

Republicans have gone from promising to make America great again to keeping Americans sick, but President Biden’s executive actions will save lives from being taken by the GOP death cult.