The 1/6 Committee Closes In On Trump By Requesting Mark Meadows’ Phone Records

The  1/6 Committee is zeroing in on Trump and his White House by requesting the phone records of White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows.

The 1/6 Committee Is Investigating Top Trump White House Staff

The Guardian reported:

The House select committee investigating the 6 January attack on the Capitol has instructed telecom and social media companies last week to preserve records of Donald Trump’s White House chief of staff, Mark Meadows, according to a source familiar with the matter.

The move positions the select committee on the doorstep of the Oval Office as it pursues a far-reaching inquiry into whether Trump and his White House helped plan or had advance knowledge of the insurrection perpetrated by the former president’s supporters.

The 1/6 Committee is investigating the role of the Trump White House in the attack. The White House Chief of Staff is at the top of the organizational chart. Meadows is someone who would have been in constant contact with Trump and officials within the administration.

If the Trump White House was involved in the attack in any way, evidence is likely to be found in the records and communications of Mark Meadows. The 1/6  Committee is going in every direction and looks to be following leads wherever the information takes them, but it is impossible to miss the impression that all roads to the truth about 1/6 lead to Donald Trump.