Joe Scarborough Criticizes Larry Elder’s Bogus Claims of Voter Fraud

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough ripped into conservative radio host Larry Elder after Elder urged his supporters to report any instances of voter fraud on an online form in a bid to challenge the results of California’s recall election.

Elder’s claim is pre-emptive, noted Scarborough, who referred to Elder and his supporters as “whiners.”

“What whiners. What losers. These poor little snowflakes are going around… Every time it looks like they’re going to lose

an election, they say, ‘Oh, the election got stolen. They cheated.’ Seriously? This is elemental,” Scarborough said.

He added that Republicans are only resorting to claims of voter fraud because they are aware that their policies are unpopular.

“They understand — especially in places like California — that their policies are just extraordinarily unpopular. They’re on the wrong side of so many issues,” he said.

Yesterday, Elder appeared on a segment of “Fox and Friends” that pushed claims of voter fraud ahead of the recall.

“The degradation of that state under his [Newsom’s] leadership is really quite apparent,” one of the hosts said during an interview with Elder, Newsom’s Republican opponent, later adding, “I’m worried about fraud… You know, when they found that meth addict with 300 ballots in the trunk of his car.”

She then pitched to Elder: “Are you hearing any other stories like that and how worried are you that that might be part of this election?”

The comments referred to a recent report that a man had been arrested in Torrance, California after having been found passed out in a car that contained drugs, a firearm, multiple driver’s licenses, and 300 recall ballots.

The man “was arrested on suspicion of a number of offenses, including weapons violations, narcotics and forgery violations,” according to a report from KTLA.

Police have pointed out that this was an “isolated incident” and not indicative of widespread voter fraud.

“Investigators are trying to figure out how the election ballots ended up in the suspect’s vehicle and what their intent was in having them,” police officials said in a statement. “This is an isolated incident and is not related to any additional thefts of election ballots.”

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