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Former HHS Secretary Tells Madison Cawthorn Transportation Is Not A Right

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Former HHS Sec. Kathleen Sebelius had a newsflash for Rep. Madison Cawthorn and unvaccinated Republicans that transportation is not a right.


Sebelius said on MSNBC’s Velshi, “I appreciate the fact that airlines don’t want to be out at the front of that line, by themselves, so I think a travel mandate, we have it in place, we had it in place earlier with shutdowns and when you take 

public transportation, but certainly transportation is a privilege, it is not a guarantee. So I think to say, if you’re going to get on an airplane, if you’re going to get on a train, if you ride public transportation, you need to show a vaccine card, because we do not want to continue this virus ricochets around the population.”

Rep. Cawthorn and every other Republican that believes that the Constitution gives them the right to do whatever they want is wrong. Public transportation, and even being able to own and drive a car is a privilege. The Constitution does not say that selfish people can destroy society and harm others by placing individual rights above society.


People have the right to choose not to get vaccinated. If a job requires vaccination, a person has the right to quit that job, but choosing not to get vaccinated comes with consequences. The unvaccinated should not get the same privileges and the vaccinated.

Republicans are trying to free-ride, the vaccinated do all the work, and the unvaccinated ride along, on COVID, and their selfishness is deadly.




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