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Republicans Busted In Text Messages Admitting Election Laws Have Nothing To Do With Fraud

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Text messages obtained in a lawsuit related to Florida’s election reform law revealed that the new law had nothing to do with fraud.

Republicans reveal their real reason for passing election reform laws.

Politico reported on the texts:

Yet in one remarkable text exchange obtained by POLITICO, Gruters and lead House sponsor state Rep. Blaise Ingoglia (R-Spring Hill) went back-and-forth over proposals to shorten how long mail-in ballot requests are valid.

Gruters defended a Senate proposal to cancel all existing mail-in ballot

requests, saying that it would be “devastating” for Republicans to keep them valid heading into the 2022 election when DeSantis and other state GOP officials are up for reelection. More than 2.18 million Democrats used mail-in ballots compared to 1.5 million Republican voters during the 2020 election where Trump easily won Florida. Part of that was due to the ongoing pandemic, as Democrats strongly encouraged voters to change their habits nationwide.

“We cannot make up ground. Trump campaign spent 10 million. Could not cut down lead,” Gruters wrote to Ingoglia, who had been chair of the Republican Party of Florida before Gruters.


Red State “Election Reform” Laws Are About Keeping Republicans In Power.

All of the Republican claims that they are trying to protect election integrity are bogus. These laws serve one purpose and that is to keep Republicans in power. The “election reform” that Republicans are talking about is making it more difficult for people who are likely to vote for Democrats to vote.

Republicans in Florida were worried about the Democrats’ mail-in voting advantage, so they passed a law that would make it more difficult to vote by mail. Nowhere in the text messages written about by Politico do Republicans talk about fraud.

There was no fraud.

It is likely that lawsuits filed in courts where states copied the Georgia election law will turn up similar evidence.

The big lie started with Trump, but it became a useful tool for Republicans to use to rig future elections.


Democrats should need no more evidence to pass a federal law protecting the right to vote.


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