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Rudy Giuliani Is So Toxic That Even Fox News Banned Him

Rudy Giuliani has gone from being Donald Trump’s lawyer to banned from Fox News, as the network will not have him on.

Rudy Giuliani gets the boot from Fox News

Politico Playbook reported:

RUDY GIULIANI has been banned from Fox News for almost three months. As if the sting of that weren’t painful enough, the “9/11 mayor” learned of his banishment … on the eve of Sept. 11.

Giuliani was slated to appear on “Fox & Friends to mark the 20th anniversary of the attack. But the night before, host PETE HEGSETH called Giuliani to say he’d been cut from the show and apologize.


But bookers have told both Giulianis the ban comes from the top, sources said. The former New York City mayor had been a fixture on the network.

Rudy Giuliani has become an incoherent legal liability.

Giuliani was already banned from Fox before he drunkenly linked himself to Prince Andrew at the 9/11 dinner.  The reason for Giuliani’s ban is easy to understand. Not only is the former Trump lawyer under federal criminal investigation, but he is also a walking lawsuit waiting to happen.

A great way for any media outlet to get sued is to give Rudy Giuliani a platform to spout his deranged conspiracy theories.  The former “America’s Mayor” is likely to end up as a convicted felon, not that a felony conviction would ever stop Fox News from booking someone, but the potential legal liability that comes with giving Giuliani a platform, which Fox already knows all about thanks to the Dominion lawsuit, makes him too toxic to have around.

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