Jim Acosta Calls Out Fox News For Killing Their Viewers While They Have A 90% Vaccination Rate

CNN’s Jim Acosta said that Fox News is engaging its own replacement theory by harming their viewers with vaccine lies as they have a 90% vaccination rate.


Jim Acosta said after playing a series of Tucker Carlson vaccine lies:

These are all lies. The theory that tucker should really address is Fox replacement theory. Fox replacement theory. There is no way to replace the Americans those flags on the mall represent and Tucker, talking to you right now, there is no way to replace the viewers whose lives you are endangering with your lies. These lies may sadly capture your viewers’ attention, but keep it up. Some of those folks, not all of them, some of them might not be around anymore to listen to your lies.


They want to own the libs. Even if they don’t end up owning the living. Here’s a concept. Don’t own the libs. Own the living.

 It’s October, so I was thinking about ending this segment with this meme from Halloween. I did my own research. Memes are funny. But I’d rather end with this image. It’s of the recently renovated Fox News offices here in Washington, D.C. Almost all the people in that photo see it right now, that’s at Fox here in Washington. Wearing masks. Apparently, 90% of company employees have been vaccinated. Might even be higher than that now. 

The Fox slogan used to be we report you decide. Maybe it’s we mandate, you comply. Perhaps now it’s your body, your choice. Your body. Your choice. And just look at the choices that they made. I guess they don’t want to be replaced. 

Fox News is keeping America sick

As MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace pointed out, Fox News did not become anti-vaccine until after Joe Biden won the election. Spreading vaccine misinformation and discouraging vaccinations are an intentional Fox News strategy to sabotage President Biden by keeping the pandemic going for as long as possible.

Fox has always been part of the toxic media sickness that divided us, but as Jim Acosta noted their cynical hypocrisy is keeping viewers sick and getting people killed.