Boebert Criticized After She Complains About Protesters Who Followed Kyrsten Sinema Into a Bathroom

Representative Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) was harshly criticized after she complained about demonstrators who followed Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) into a bathroom and protested her actions that have all but halted key legislation to codify the Democrats’ social and economic agenda.

The Left is so unhinged they chased one of their own Senators into a bathroom stall while hurling insults at her because she won’t vote for $5 trillion in spending,” Boebert wrote on Twitter.

This is not your grandfather’s Democrat Party,” she added.

Sinema has refused to meet with constituents even as she continues to face criticism for her opposition to abolishing the filibuster and her qualms with a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill––not $5 trillion, as Boebert claims––the Democrats are aiming to pass this fall.

Boebert’s critics were quick to point this out and corrected her.

According to an OH Predictive Insights poll, conducted from September 7 to September 12, nearly one-third, or 30% of Arizona Democrats, view Sinema unfavorably.  56% hold favorable views of the senator.

The distaste for Synema appears to cross party lines: 48% of Arizona Republicans view Sinema unfavorably compared to 40% who view her favorably.