Former WH Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham: It Was a “Mistake” to Work for Trump

Former White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham said it was a “mistake” to work for former President Donald Trump.

Grisham answered “Good Morning America” host George Stephanopolous’s question about whether it was a mistake to work for Trump with an emphatic “yes” and admitted that over time, she and others who worked in the White House “got heady with power.”

“We didn’t think about serving the country anymore, it was about surviving in there,” she said.

Grisham said she hopes Trump will decide not to run in 2024 though she believes he will make a bid to return to the executive office.

“He will probably have some pretty draconian policies that go on,” Grisham said. “There were conversations a lot of times that people would say, ‘that’ll be the second term, that’ll be the second term,’ meaning we won’t have to worry about, you know, a reelection.”

Grisham’s interview came one day before the publication of her memoir, “I’ll Take Your Questions Now,” which recounts her time working in the White House.

In her book, Grisham said working under Trump was “terrifying” because of the anger he often directed at her and others.

“When I began to see how his temper wasn’t just for shock value or the cameras … I began to regret my decision to go to the West Wing,” she wrote.

Grisham admits that she “should have spoken up more” and says that eventually, “pretty much” all members of Trump’s team “eventually wore out their welcome with the president.”

Trump, in a statement to The Hill last week, criticized Grisham’s memoir, calling her “very angry and bitter.”

“She became very angry and bitter after her break up and as time went on she was seldom relied upon, or even thought about. She had big problems and we felt that she should work out those problems for herself. Now, like everyone else, she gets paid by a radical left-leaning publisher to say bad and untrue things,” Trump said.