Krysten Sinema Is Hiding From Her Constituents So They Chased Her Down In Arizona

Sen. Sinema was confronted at a classroom where she teaches at Arizona State by constituents chanting Build Back Better pass the bill.

Immigrant youth from LUCHA Arizona confronted Sinema to tell that they need a build back better plan right now. The young people also let her know that they knocked on doors for her and got her elected.


LUCHA Arizona noted that Sinema has been completely inaccessible and will not meet with constituents. They said that they wouldn’t have to chase her around Phoenix if she would meet with them.

Video of the chant of build back better pass the bill:

Sinema left Washington, DC, on Friday to hold a fundraiser. She didn’t go back to Arizona to meet with voters to hear what they wanted and needed. Anger and discontent with Sen. Sinema are growing by the day.

Sen. Sinema is going to be primaried if she continues down her current path. She has been so worried about being voted out in the general election in 2024 that she is setting herself up to get knocked off in a Democratic primary. 

Sen. Joe Manchin attracts the rage of the left nationally, but that probably helps him politically in deep-red West Virginia.  Arizona is shading more purple than red, so if Sinema keeps it up, she could find herself booted from the Senate by Democrats.