Matt Gaetz Gets Terrible News As Joel Greenberg’s Sentencing Is Delayed

Joel Greenberg’s sentencing was delayed due to his continuing cooperation with prosecutors who are gathering evidence against Rep. Matt Gaetz.

NBC News’s Tom Winter reporter:

CNN’s Paula Reid added :

Matt Gaetz Could Be Going To Prison For A Very Long Time

Rep. Gaetz has already hired a team of criminal defense lawyers. He is preparing for a criminal trial. The fact that prosecutors are looking at Gaetz for lobbying violations and obstruction of justice is huge.

Gaetz is likely to be charged with sex crimes, but there could also be a series of supporting charges that, if he is convicted on could add years and decades to any potential prison sentence.

Rep. Gaetz continues to act like all is well and everything is business as usual, but when Trump refused to give him a preemptive pardon before leaving office, it set the stage for the Florida congressman to be criminally charged.

Matt Gaetz could be going to jail for a long time. The more Greenberg talks, the worst the future looks for Gaetz.