Lindsey Graham Gets Booed For Asking Republicans To Consider Getting Vaccinated

Sen. Lindsey Graham was booed at a fundraiser in South Carolina for daring to suggest that Republicans should think about getting vaccinated.


Graham pointed out that 92% of the COVID hospitalizations in South Carolina were among the unvaccinated, and the crowd got restless and started to jeer.

Sen. Graham then suggested that people ought to think about getting vaccinated. People started shouting no and booing him. To his credit, Sen. Graham pressed on and said that he is glad that he got vaccinated.

Unvaccinated Republicans Are Unreachable

One suspects that if Donald Trump told unvaccinated Republicans to get vaccinated, he would be booed, which is probably the reason why Trump doesn’t say anything because his fragile ego can’t handle any form of rejection.

Republicans are choosing not to get vaccinated, which means that at some point, nature will take its course, and a lot of people will needlessly get sick and die.

The problem is that the unvaccinated aren’t just harming themselves. They are giving COVID a chance to mutate into something vaccine-resistant that could sicken everyone.

Lindsey Graham was correct. People should get vaccinated. What Sen. Graham was met with wasn’t vaccine hesitancy. It was hostility and refusal.