Mitch McConnell Caved On The Debt Ceiling As Soon As Democrats Got Serious About Nuking The Filibuster

Mitch McConnell backtracked on his pledge that Republicans would vote to raise the debt limit after Democrats started talking about nuking the filibuster.

After weeks of claiming that Senate Republicans would never, ever help Democrats raise the debt ceiling, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell offered Democrats two bad deals for Republican help.

What caused the change of heart from McConnell?

It wasn’t patriotism.

It wasn’t a desire to do the right thing, and it wasn’t the prospect of loads of negative media coverage coming his way if the nation defaulted.

Mitch McConnell changed his tune after Democrats started talking about filibuster reform.

As Sen. Dick Durbin said,More and more people are drawing that conclusion. I think people feel the supermajority on the debt ceiling is a bridge too far.”

Nothing scares Mitch McConnell more than the threat that he may soon become Kevin McCarthy.

House Minority Leader McCarthy has no power. He is a speed bump in a body where the majority rules all.

If Democrats changed the filibuster and had the ability to do things that a majority of Americans have wanted for years, it would turn Mitch McConnell into a powerless spectator, and the only thing that the Senator from Kentucky truly loves is power.

McConnell is on his way to a big debt ceiling cave.

If McConnell is so afraid of filibuster reform, that is all the more reason for Democrats to do it tomorrow because anything that Mitch McConnell hates is probably good for America.