The Lincoln Project Unmasks Anti-Mask Hypocrite Glenn Youngkin

The Lincoln Project released a new ad where they hammered Virginia Republican gubernatorial nominee Glenn Youngkin for his anti-mask hypocrisy.

Here is the ad:

The ad points out that Youngkin opposes mask mandates for Virginia kids in schools while he sends his kids to an out-of-state private school that requires masks, and closed with, “Glenn Youngkin, he cares about his own kids, but not ours. Glenn Youngkin, there’s a reason he’s Donald Trump’s candidate.”

The Lincoln Project’s Glenn Youngkin Mask Ad Is One Of Their Best

The ad works on multiple levels. It points out Youngkin’s opposition to popular mask mandates in schools. It showcases Youngkin’s hypocrisy and uses Donald Trump’s endorsement against him.

“Glenn Youngkin is out of touch and unfit to lead Virginia,” said Reed Galen, co-founder of The Lincoln Project. “He’s fine with masks protecting his own kids at a posh out-of-state private school but opposes them in Virginia’s public schools. Safety is a must for his children, but not for yours.”

One of the weird quirks of polling in Virginia is that it has consistently underestimated the Democratic vote.

Terry McAuliffe has a small lead in the state’s race for governor. Nothing should be taken for granted because Youngkin is a Trump clone, and the Lincoln Project is doing its part to show voters the truth.