Disaster For Mitch McConnell As He Doesn’t Have The GOP Votes For Debt Ceiling Cave

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell caved on the debt ceiling without making sure that he had the Republican votes to raise the debt limit.

Mitch McConnell Was So Scared Of Filibuster Reform That He Caved Without Having The Votes

According to the Punchbowl News morning newsletter:


There are a couple of hang-ups. Sources familiar with the negotiations suggested Republicans aren’t sure they can come up with 10 GOP votes needed to overcome their own filibuster on a “real number” — a dollar amount — to extend the debt limit until December. They haven’t cobbled together the votes up to this point, anyway. Most lawmakers would rather vote to suspend the debt limit until a date certain. Democrats are also pushing Republicans in negotiations to extend the new debt limit deadline past December, which Republicans oppose.

Democrats Should Take McConnell’s Offer And Nuke The Filibuster

If McConnell can’t deliver the votes, his deal is as meaningless as his word. A deal on the debt limit until December only buys both sides some time. The real answer is to get rid of the artificial construct known as the debt limit.

Republicans won’t go along with permanently suspending the debt limit, so Democrats should do it themselves in the reconciliation bill. McConnell can have a number attached to the debt limit right now, but it won’t matter after Democrats get rid of the whole thing.

Mitch McConnell’s Debt Limit Terrorism Blew Up In His Face.

Now that Democrats know that McConnell doesn’t have the guts to follow through, they should do whatever they want.

If Mitch McConnell is so scared that he offered a deal without checking with his caucus first, he is an inept leader who should not be taken seriously.

McConnell talked Republicans into jumping off the cliff, and now he is having trouble getting them to come down off of the ledge.

The Senate Minority Leader is getting exactly what he deserves.