Maryland Man Kills Pharmacist Brother Who He Claimed Was “Killing People with the Covid Shot”

In a case that highlights the insidious and at times deadly impacts of conspiracy theories surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine, a Maryland man who killed his pharmacist brother told authorities that he was convinced his brother was “killing people with the Covid shot.”

Jeffrey Burnham of Cumberland, Maryland., is accused of killing his brother, Brian Robinette, and sister-in-law Kelly Sue Robinette in Ellicott City, Maryland, on September 30. He has also been charged in a separate homicide of Rebecca Reynolds, a classmate of his mother’s, in Allegany County on September 29.

Burnham is alleged to have taken his brother’s Corvette and stopped at someone’s home asking for gas after the killings. He had earlier stolen Reynolds’s car.

Burnham was arrested Friday in West Virginia. He faces multiple counts of murder and is being held without bail in Allegany County. He faces additional murder charges and other counts in Howard County.

He was captured after he stopped at someone’s home asking for gas after the killings. At the time, Burnham claimed he would eventually see him on television and insisted that his brother was “killing people” by administering the Covid-19 vaccine. That person would later call police.