Senate Republicans Are Blocking A Subpoena To Jeffrey Clark About Trump’s Coup

Senate Judiciary Committee Chair, Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) said that Republicans on the Committee are blocking a subpoena for Jeffrey Clark.


Sen. Durbin explained that Republicans are using Senate Judiciary Committee rules to block the committee from subpoenaing Jeffrey Clark, “We can’t. In the judiciary committee rules in order to do that, you need a Democrat and a Republican. Well, you can guess it is hard the find a Republican on my committee who is willing to join me in this effort. We made the invitation to Mr. Clark to come in as Mr. Rosen did, Mr. Donahue and Mr. Pak. He hasn’t agreed to do that.”

Clark is a key witness to Trump’s coup plot, which is why Republicans don’t want him anywhere near the Senate Judiciary Committee. The Judiciary Committee is continuing to investigate, and they are cooperating with the 1/6 Committee. 

Senate Republicans are still doing their best to run a cover-up for Donald Trump. It isn’t as obvious as when they were in the Senate majority, but they are using what power they have to try to bury the facts about Trump’s efforts to overthrow the government.