Liz Cheney Squashes Rick Wilson Rumor That 1/6 Committee Subpoenas Won’t Be Enforced

1/6 Committee Vice-Chair Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) squashed a rumor that 1/6 Committee subpoenas will not be enforced.

The rumor was tweeted by The Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson that subpoenas on presidential staff would not be enforced.

Rep. Cheney replied:

A decision not to enforce the subpoenas would go against everything that committee members have been saying for the past week. There is no reason for them not to enforce the subpoenas. The White House is working with the Committee, Trump’s executive privilege claim looks legally dubious at best, and there is nothing stopping the Committee from enforcing the subpoenas.

Rick Wilson’s rumor took off on Twitter, but it was unsourced and didn’t make sense.

The rumor seems like third-hand DC gossip that is more wishful thinking than actual fact. It is doubtful that the 1/6 Committee would tell Rick Wilson their intentions on subpoenas.

Rep. Cheney is the Vice-Chair of the Committee, so if anyone knows their intentions, it’s her.