Peter Doocy Tries To Blame Biden For Supply Chain Problems, But Jen Psaki Makes Sure He Fails

Fox News’s Peter Doocy tried to blame President Biden for supply chain failures, but Jen Psaki was ready for him.


Doocy asked, “First, on the economy, half-million containers floating off the California coast with nowhere to go. Major issues in the global supply chain right now. The vice president warned this could happen in August, why wasn’t more done to prepare? 

After some back and forth, White House Press Secretary Psaki answered:

We’ve been talking about it since January, the President put in place a task force and has taken a range of steps to work to address. It is not just about ensuring that we are having different companies speak to each other, we’ve done that, we’ve been a forum for hosting different industry leaders to see what we can reduce in terms of red tape in the process.
 One of the biggest issues is covid and the fact covid continues to be a threat to supply chains that are happening globally, we’ve worked to be by far and away the largest provider of vaccines, know-how, manufacturing capacity to the world. We’ve been talking since January and working to put in place a range of steps to help address the challenges in the supply chain. 

The Blame Biden Game Wasn’t Working.

The default Fox News position when a Democrat is in the Oval Office is to blame the President, but in this case, either Peter Doocy wasn’t paying attention at all of the press briefings that he attends, or he doesn’t care.

Jen Psaki is an expert at stopping Fox News talking points from infesting the press briefing. She was also able to use Doocy’s question to explain and promote President Biden’s record.

Psaki made Doocy look like he isn’t paying attention, and in the process, put down another Fox News propaganda attack.