The Lincoln Project Exposes Billionaire Backed Misinformation Campaign In New Pennsylvania Ad

The Lincoln Project exposed a misinformation campaign being run by right-wing billionaire Jeff Yass in Pennsylvania.

Watch the ad:

The Lincoln Project said in a statement provided to PoliticusUSA:

The Lincoln Project has released a new ad exposing right-wing billionaire Jeff Yass’s efforts to influence our elections, relying on a secretive web of political committees that tricked Pennsylvanian voters.

Jeff Yass is spending millions of dollars on a coordinated campaign to spread  misinformation about our democratic systems. The Lincoln Project will not standby while radical right-wing donors sow doubt in our democracy. Yass and his political operatives should consider themselves on notice.

The right-wing billionaires and organizations see the Big Lie as a convenient opportunity to suppress the vote and gain more power. People like Yass really don’t believe that the election was stolen or that there is anything wrong with the voting system, but they are throwing millions of dollars into spreading misinformation to discredit the election system to short circuit democracy for their personal gain.

PA Attorney General Josh Shapiro needs to investigate this coordinated attack on democracy.