Organizers Of Trump’s 1/6 Rallies Have 1 Day To Comply With Subpoenas Or Face Criminal Referral

1/6 Committee member Rep. Jamie Raskin warned the organizers of Trump’s 1/6 rallies that they have one day to comply with subpoenas or face criminal referral.

Rep. Raskin tweeted:

The 1/6 Committee Is Not Fooling Around

The 1/6 Committee has already announced that they will be meeting to rapidly decide on criminal charges for Steve Bannon, who has refused to comply with a subpoena.

The message that is being broadcast to anyone within earshot is that the Committee is not messing around. They aren’t going to allow these witnesses to duck, dodge, and run out the clock.

They have seen all of the games that Trump and his associates play, and the Committee is more than ready to use its powers to force compliance.

Republicans have been claiming for nine months that the attack on the Capitol and the Trump rallies were not related.

If this is the case, the rally organizers should be happy to comply with the subpoenas and clear their names.

Since they are looking like they will not comply, they are either getting bad advice from Trump, have something to hide, or both.