Ted Lieu Blasts Claremont Institute For Whitewashing The John Eastman Trump Coup Memo

The Claremont Institute is trying to claim that the John Eastman Trump coup memo wasn’t really a coup memo, so Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) hit them with the facts.

The Right Is Trying To Make The Evidence Of Trump’s Coup Vanish

The John Eastman memo was the six point plan for Trump to carry out a coup to stay in power that involved Vice President Pence, Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Steve Scalise, along with Supreme Court Justice Alito.

It is written evidence that Trump was trying to overturn a democratic election to stay in power.

The Claremont Institute tried to tell a different tale, but Rep. Ted Lieu wasn’t having it:

`Rep. Lieu was correct. The memo is not fake news. The plan was made clear, and it hinged on Mike Pence creating chaos by refusing to certify the election, which would then allow McCarthy and Scalise to file a lawsuit, and Justice Alito to issue an injunction blocking the certification of the election, which would then throw it back to the states with the goal of having the House delegations decide, where Republicans have a majority to declare Trump the winner.

Nancy Pelosi saved the day by quicking reconvening Congress to certify the results after the 1/6 attack. Pence didn’t play along, so McCarthy and Scalise never had time to file their lawsuit, and democracy was saved.

Republicans are trying to rewrite history, which is why they are terrified of the 1/6 investigation, and what it is likely to uncover.