Trumpers Are Claiming That Republicans Rigged The Election For Biden

There is a new conspiracy theory bubbling up on the right that the 2020 election was rigged by Republicans for Joe Biden.

Video from a Trumper “election integrity” rally in Michigan:

The speaker said, “Did these Republicans and other Republicans across the country did they really want Donald Trump to win? No, because Biden winning guarantees them that they might be able to get rid of Whitmer Nessel, Benson and gain more majority seats on the Republican side next year. ”

I don’t think this speaker knows what guarantee means. Republicans still would have a chance to beat Democrats in 2022 even if Trump had won. The midterm presidential performance history is not a guarantee. Plus, Republicans would rather have the White House than a chance to beat some state officials.

The entire conspiracy theory is gibberish, but it goes to show that the Trump cult is not loyal to the Republican Party. The people who are plotting against democracy in Trump’s name hate our Democratic form of government.

The 2020 election wasn’t stolen, and Republicans didn’t plot to help Biden beat Trump, but the fact that these people think so and are will to make such absurd claims in public illustrates how dire the threat has become.