US Marshals Could Be Coming For Bannon After He Defies 1/6 Committee Subpoena

1/6 Committee member Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) says that the Committee is looking to deploy US Marshals to round witnesses like Steve Bannon who refuse to comply with subpoenas.

Video of Rep. Murphy says that the Committee is looking at using US Marshals to round up witnesses:

Murphy later suggests that fines and jail time could be coming for Bannon and others:

Rep, Murphy said, “We intend to enforce our subpoenas, the first step will be for us to pursue criminal contempt. What that means is that the committee will put together a report and then refer it to the house floor. There will be a vote, and then it goes to the Department of Justice…I would recommend the full extent of consequences. Jail time, fines. We need to make sure that these people understand that this is not acceptable. “

Steve Bannon is playing a stupid and dangerous game of chicken. Trump doesn’t have executive privilege to shield him. Bannon doesn’t have any legal grounds to defy the subpoena. The plan appears to be to try to tie this up in court until after the 2022 election, but any cases should be settled quickly.

Rep. Murphy was correct. The fastest way to get these witnesses in line is to pursue criminal contempt charges and start throwing them in jail.

Steve Bannon could be the first MAGA to face the 1/6 consequences.