VoteVets Endorses Terry McAuliffe After Glenn Youngkin Pledges Allegiance To 1/6 Insurrection Flag

Veterans organization VoteVets has endorsed Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe after his Virginia Republican opponent pledged allegiance to a flag carried during the Capitol attack.

Vote Vets tweeted their endorsement:

Republican candidates like Youngkin aren’t even trying to hide behind a pretense of patriotism. They are openly courting and showing their support for domestic terrorists.

The Washington DC pundit class is spending their time projecting national meaning onto the Virginia gubernatorial race, but there is something more fundamental at stake. A vote for Glenn Youngkin or any other Republican in 2021 or 2022 is a vote against democracy and a ballot in support of domestic terrorism.

Any candidate who pledges allegiance to a flag that was carried during the deadly attack on the Capitol is not fit to be governor and is declaring his threat to democracy.

The elections in 2021 and 2022 aren’t the stand-off year and midterm contests. Democracy is on the ballot, and if voters don’t show up to defend it, they will lose it.