Republicans Are Plotting To Rig Every Election If Trump Wins In 2024

Republicans are plotting to federalize the election system and make it harder for people to vote if Trump wins in 2024.

Politico reported:

Some answers can be found in the work being done by America First Policy Institute, a nonprofit think tank stacked with former Trump administration officials. Among the group’s 20 main policy priorities, which include trade, immigration and education, is promoting more comprehensive voter restrictions in the name of election integrity. Officials describe it as a priority.

“One hundred percent yes,” AFPI President and former Trump White House Domestic Policy Council Director Brooke Rollins said of having legislation on a set of issues ready to go should Trump prevail in a 2024 election. “If we do our job right we will have a package of model legislation for the federal government and the state governments where they align.”

The Republican Gameplan Is Get Trump Back Into Power And Then Gut Democracy.

It is not difficult to see what Republicans are attempting to do. They want to use a Trump return to power to make sure that an election like 2020 can never happen again.

Republicans are opposed to the federalization of the election system when it means that more people would be able to vote, but they want the federal government to take over elections to prevent people who might support Democratic candidates from being able to cast a ballot.

Republicans are laying the groundwork for the death of democracy, and if the nation allows Trump to return to power, that is exactly what will happen.