Domestic Terror Inciter Madison Cawthorn Promises To Prosecute Dr. Fauci If GOP Returns To Power

The violence-promoting Congressman from North Carolina, Madison Cawthorn, now wants to prosecute Dr. Fauci if Republicans win the House.

Video of Cawthorn:

Cawthorn said, “The new Republican Party is not going to be the one of old. We’re not going to sit around and not hold these people accountable, because I have literally watched in real-time as Anthony Fauci lied to Rand Paul in a Senate hearing, which let me tell you, it is a crime to lie to Congress, and when we take the majority back, I will make sure that man is charged.”

Dr. Fauci never lied to Congress. Fauci corrected Paul’s lies and misstatements about COVID and conspiracy theories about the US funding the development of COVID in Wuhan.

Cawthorn is telling America what Republicans are going to do if they win back power. They are going to try to punish their political enemies. Rep. Cawthorn has been going around North Carolina encouraging and inciting violence.

The “new Republican Party” is an anti-democracy authoritarian cult that is going to abuse its power, try to impeach President Biden, and spread the GOP war on democracy.

America is being warned.