Biden DOJ Asks Supreme Court To Block Texas Abortion Bill

The Biden Department of Justice formally requested that the Supreme Court block the Texas abortion ban.

According to the AP:

The Justice Department asked the high court Monday to lift an order imposed by a conservative federal appeals court that has allowed Texas to continue enforcing the nation’s strictest curbs on abortion through a novel law that was written to make it hard to challenge in the federal court system. The department had announced its intentions last Friday.


“The question now is whether Texas’ nullification of this Court’s precedents should be allowed to continue while the courts consider the United States’ suit. As the district court recognized, it should not,” the Justice Department wrote.

The Biden DOJ is taking action to stop Texas from nullifying the law of the land. The Supreme Court has been trying to avoid ruling on the Texas case that they gave a backdoor green light to through the shadow docket, but the DOJ is going to make them go on the record as supporting the wildly unpopular law that has already tanked the High Court’s approval rating.

President Biden’s administration is refusing to stand back and allow Texas Republicans to violate the rights of women. If the Supreme Court majority wants to destroy a fundamental right for more than half of the population, they are going to have to put it in writing.