Bush Responds to Death of Colin Powell

Former President George W. Bush has issued a response following the death of Colin Powell, who served as his first Secretary of State.

“Laura and I are deeply saddened by the death of Colin Powell. He was a great public servant, starting with his time as a soldier during Vietnam,” Bush said in a statement, adding that “many Presidents relied on General Powell’s counsel and experience.”

“He was National Security Adviser under President Reagan, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under my father and President Clinton, and Secretary of State during my Administration. He was such a favorite of Presidents that he earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom – twice. He was highly respected at home and abroad,” Bush said.

Bush offered his condolences to Powell’s wife, Alma, and their children “as they remember the life of a great man.”

Powell died at the age of 84 from Covid-19 complications. He’d been fully vaccinated but had a breakthrough case.