Gen. Colin Powell Passes Away At Age 84 From COVID Complications

Even though Gen. Powell was vaccinated, he contracted a breakthrough case of COVID, and passed away at age 84.

Gen. Powell’s office announced his passing:

Gen. Powell never left the Republican Party, but he did say that the Republican Party left him. Powell will forever be known for his leadership during the first Gulf War under George H.W. Bush and for getting looped into George W. Bush’s weapons of mass destruction lie that tarnished his reputation as Secretary of State before the invasion of Iraq.

In his later years, Gen. Powell gave a powerful endorsement to then-candidate Barack Obama in 2008 and was a critic of Trump and critical of the Republican Party’s direction and slide into Trumpism. Powell endorsed Joe Biden in 2020 and was vilified by the right, but in many eyes was a widely respected elder statesman figure at the time of his passing.

COVID is an insidious monster, vaccines are safe, breakthrough infections that cause death remain rare, but Powell’s death is a reminder that at some point a person likely decided not to get vaccinated, and their decision eventually made its way to Gen. Powell and ended his life.

COVID kills when people put their own self-interest over protecting others.