Trump Files Lawsuit Claiming That The 1/6 Committee Is Harassing Him

Trump filed a  lawsuit to try to block the 1/6 Committee from getting documents and claimed that the Committee is harassing him by investigating the Capitol attack.

Scott MacFarlane tweeted the details:

Trump also believes that Biden is behind the 1/6 Committee and that the government should pay all of his legal bills.

Trump is suing based on the debunked claim of executive privilege that doesn’t exist. Steve Bannon is going to be charged with criminal contempt of Congress because he is insisting on trying to hide behind Trump’s imaginary executive privilege.

Donald Trump will suffer the same fate that he has in all of his other lawsuits. He will lose and likely lose badly. The courts have already ruled that executive privilege rests with the current president, and if a current and former president conflict on a request, the current president wins.

Trump can’t block people from testifying, and he can’t hide documents. When Joe Biden decided not to invoke executive privilege, it was over for Trump.