Georgia GOP In Chaos As Herschel Walker Defies Trump

Herschel Walker broke with Trump on the big lie and said that he was going to run his campaign his own way.

Video of Walker on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show:

Walker said on Brian Kilmeade’s radio show when asked if Trump has the right message on 2022, “That is not the right message. Everyone got to get out and vote. We can’t look at the past. We can’t continue to look at the past, and that’s what I’ve tried to tell people, and President Trump, I’m very honored that he endorsed me because he know that I’m the right man for the job, but he also knows Herschel Walker is going to do it Herschel Walker’s way, meaning I’m going to go out and run for this seat. It’s not Donald Trump running for it. It’s Herschel Walker running for it.”

This Is Not How Trump’s Republican Party Works.

In Virginia, Glenn Youngkin has been similar comments that thank Trump for his endorsement but make it clear that he does not want Donald Trump in Virginia campaigning for him. 

Trump is trying to make Republicans run on the Big Lie in 2022, or he is going to keep his voters at home. At least, that is the threat that he’s made.

Trump expects total loyalty from the Republican Party, but without the power of the presidency to use to intimidate people, candidates like Walker are breaking away from him.

The chaos that cost the Republican Party the Senate in 2020 looks ready to help the Democrats keep the Senate in 2022.