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Biden Scorches In Scranton As He Nails Trump For Not Doing “A Single Damn Thing” On Infrastructure

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President Biden returned to his hometown of Scranton, PA where he passionately spoke about his Build Back Better plan and called out Trump for doing nothing on infrastructure.

Video of President Biden:

The President said, “The last four years, you’d hear every month is, you know, Infrastructure Month. Didn’t do a single damn thing Nothing, I mean nothing for four years.”


Biden Was At His Plain Talk Best In Scranton

People get too hung up on the dollar amount in the infrastructure package and forget about how big of an achievement the passage of these two pieces of legislation will be.

President Biden was right. For four years, the Trump administration talked and talked about “Infrastructure Week,” but they never did anything. The Trump ineptitude was so spectacular that it became a running joke.


It doesn’t matter whether the topline number is $1.5 trillion, $3.5 trillion. When these bills pass, it will be a historic moment in America. Joe Biden is doing what no president has been able to do in decades. He is on the verge of passing a major infrastructure bill that will make a difference in American lives for decades to come.

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