Anti-Vaxxers Turn Violent And Break Through Barricades At Brooklyn’s Barclays Center

It was an ugly scene outside of Brooklyn’s Barclays Center before the NBA’s Nets tipped off for their home opener as anti-vaxxers stormed the arena and broke down barricades.

Here was the scene:


The arena was put on lockdown, and the crowd mix was described by observers as “weird:”

The crowd mix isn’t that weird when one understands where the anti-vax movement overlaps. The Trumpers have merged with the far left RFK Jr. anti-vaxxers to push a toxic blend of lies and misinformation about the COVID vaccine.

There are probably also a few Nets fans there who just want anti-vaxxer and flat earther Kyrie Irving to be allowed to play basketball. Irving is currently not allowed to play or be near the team because of his refusal to get vaccinated.

The protest in Brooklyn is the first time that anti-vaxxers have shown up and gotten physical. Trump made COVID mitigation political, and just like with his Big Lie, the end result is mob violence.


Anti-vaxxer protest Barclays Center
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