Sen. Sinema’s Build Back Better Obstruction Backfires And Enrages Arizona

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ) has obstructed the passage of the Biden Build Back Better agenda and isn’t talking to her constituents who want her to just vote for the bill.


MSNBC reported, “I think the point you made about the way that she’s going about this, we just saw Senator Manchin talking to the media there. That is not something that Senator Sinema is doing. She’s not doing interviews or holding town halls or talking to constituents.  Constituents have told me that they are not able to have a meeting with her, and they’re upset about that, and you’re hearing that really across the political spectrum.”

One of Sinema’s constituents said, “Our families are struggling, affording their bills and electricity, but at the same time, they’re going through a rough period of time, when they don’t have a/c, through the high polluted days and high extreme days. So we — that’s why we need her support. So my message to our senator will be to, to support us and vote on the Build Back Better plan, because it will help our low-income communities and communities of color.”

Sen. Sinema Is Supposed To Be Representing Her Consitutents, But She Refuses To Talk To Them

The reason why her constituents have had to chase her down is that Sen. Sinema refuses to sit down and meet with them. Sinema’s job is to represent the people of her state, not to advance her own political ambitions by acting like a delusional John McCain clone.

Sen. Sinema has completely misplayed Build Back Better, and she looks to be on the fast track to a primary challenge.