Chris Wallace Calls Out Debt Concern Troll Rick Scott On Tax Cut Hypocrisy

After Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) said that he would support infrastructure based on debt concerns, Chris Wallace asked about repealing the Trump tax cuts that added $2 trillion to the debt.


Rick Scott claimed that Build Back Better is causing inflation, which is pretty amazing given that it hasn’t passed yet, and then Chris Wallace asked the Florida Senator if the Trump tax cuts should be repealed because they add $2 trillion to the deficit.

Scott quickly changed his tune, “I want lower taxes. I want to watch how we spend our money. I’ve been in the Senate now for two years.  The amount of waste is staggering. Americans should be furious with the way money is spent in the Senate.”

Do you know who works in the Senate and is responsible for that wasteful spending?

Rick Scott.

Do you know who voted for the Trump tax cuts for the rich without the spending cuts that he is now calling for?

Rick Scott.

Republicans stood around and cheered as Donald Trump spent money like a drunken grifter, and now they suddenly care about the debt and deficit.

Senate Republicans don’t have a leg to stand on in this argument, because their real problem isn’t with the spending, but who the spending will benefit.

Republicans have no problem with spending money as long as the benefits go to the wealthy and corporations, but spending on children, working people, seniors, and families is out of the question and wasteful.

Sen. Rick Scott is a deficit/debt hypocrite, and Chris Wallace called him out on it.