Organization that Set Up Jan. 6th Rally Now the ‘Go-To’ Event Org. for Far MAGA Right

After what most consider the disastrous results of the January 6th rally as a prelude to the insurrection, one might believe the companies hired to organize the rally to be radioactive, perhaps defunct. Instead, the organizations are thriving at a curious and suspicious rate.

In an article out today, the Daily Beast meticulously walks, following the money, and found “Event Strategies,” to be the primary organizing committee for the rally,. Far from being a pariah, the company is now enjoying the most prominent role in coordinating Trump-associated far-right events.  The questions as to “why” should raise red flags with anyone investigating the insurrection’s roots.

According to the Daily Beast:

In total, Trump’s fundraising apparatus has paid Event Strategies roughly $800,000 since Jan. 6, according to data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics, with the latest payment coming on Aug. 13. That $31,358 expense was for “event staging,” and footed by Make America Great Again Action—the Trump-endorsed super PAC run by former top aide Corey Lewandowski which was shuttered earlier this month amid allegations that Lewandowski had sexually assaulted a donor.

Event Strategies is not the only company associated with the January 6th rally that enjoys continued success. But it is the largest and is cited as an example of companies seemingly rewarded for their contribution to the rally.

The Trump political operation’s use would be concerning enough to raise serious questions, but the Beast found the same pattern with other MAGA entities, but below is yet another example from Event Strategies:

In April, the National Republican Congressional Committee—the official national committee for House Republicans—reported spending about $3,675 with the firm for “facility rental,” and dropped another $6,000 for “audio visual/staging” expenses on June 29. And in late August, the Alabama Republican Party and Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), a key player in efforts to overturn the election, shelled out $200,000 and $7,038 to the company, respectively, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

For over 50 years, “follow the money” has been the go-to phrase and method used when searching for the possible criminal roots of a scandal. Neither ProPublica nor The Daily Beast, have the powerful ability to obtain court-ordered warrants propelling serious investigations into the seemingly prepared and well-organized attack on our Capitol.

So why are we reading about this money trail in the Daily Beast and not reports of FBI warrants served months ago? Why haven’t we seen one FBI press conference on the “next-level” investigation into those who presumably organized January 6th?

So far, everything we know about the compelling evidence of coordination by far-right organizations, and even Trump’s DOJ itself,  has come from either news organizations or Congress. Other than the arrests of what now appear to be cannon fodder, the rioters themselves, DOJ’s silence, and somnolence have become deeply concerning.

Without meticulous and aggressive investigations and follow-up prosecutions of all post-election activity, leading up to January 6th, the MAGA’s attack becomes a terrifying “practice” and prelude to any future Democratic win. While it is true that DOJ and the FBI don’t advertise their investigations, compare what we know about Rudy’s warrants versus all we haven’t heard about investigations into January 6th.

Now worry. DOJ’s silence while others do the digging might be the single most disturbing element of the Biden administration. If the Biden prosecutors don’t plan on punishing the Trump administration lawlessness, preventing it from ever happening again, then what exactly was the point in putting him in office?
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