From Silver Spoons To Domestic Terrorist: Ricky Schroder Calls For The Violent Overthrow Of The Government On Veterans Day

Former child actor turned violent right-wing extremist Ricky Schroder is calling for a violent coup against the US government on Veterans Day.

Video of Schroder:

Schroder called for the militia to be stood up and for people to come together on Veterans Day to fight to “take the country back.” Schroder urged militias to mobilize to fight the government.

I won’t transcribe Schroder’s exact words because there is no difference between what the former child actor is trying to incite against the United States and the rhetoric used by ISIS or al-Qaeda against the United States.

The people who want to destroy the United States aren’t gathering in dark corners and speaking in hushed voices. They have been emboldened and encouraged by Trump’s Big Lie.

Those who are trying to destroy democracy are plotting out in the open on Facebook, Tic Tok, and other social media networks.

Ricky Schroder has gone from the cover of teen magazines in the 1980s to calling for the violent overthrow of the government.

Schroder also attacked a retail employee who asked him to put on a mask and donated to bail right-wing murderer Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail.

The domestic terrorists aren’t hiding. They are plotting their attacks right in front of our eyes.