Glenn Youngkin Projected To Win Virginia Governor Race

The Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman has called the Virginia gubernatorial election for Republican Glenn Youngkin.

Wasserman tweeted:

None of the cable news networks or other outlets have made a call yet, but Youngkin is overperforming Trump’s margins in red counties, and McAuliffe was underperforming Biden’s margins in blue areas.

It would be foolish to read too much into the Virginia results nationally. The coronavirus pandemic has added a layer of volatility that has left voters angry and looking for a change.

McAuliffe probably banked too hard on making the election all about Trump, and when combined with the pandemic, the economy,  and an electorate that is in a sour mood, it wasn’t enough to motivate Democrats to vote.

If there is a lesson here for 2022, it is that Democrats need to come up with a clear and solid message to voters. They can’t plan on running on accomplishments because voters don’t care.

Republicans are running a culture war, and if Democrats don’t come up with a counterargument, the Youngkin strategy will be used by Republican candidates all across the country to win in 2022.