Turnout Is High In Democratic Areas As Virginia Is On Track To Break Gubernatorial Record

So far, turnout has not fallen off in the Democratic areas of Virginia as the state is on pace to break its gubernatorial turnout record.

Democratic Turnout Has Not Fallen Off In Virginia (So Far)

Dave Wasserman of The Cook Political Report tweeted:

The Media’s Theory Of The Virginia Election May Not Be True

The media’s working theory of this election was that Biden’s lowered approval rating combined with Republican enthusiasm would mean that Democrats stay home while Republicans show up to vote, and Youngkin wins.

High turnout in Democratic areas of the state is bad for Glenn Youngkin. The Republicans need low Democratic turnout, especially in the northern part of the state to have a chance to pull out a close win.

Being that there are more Democrats than Republicans in Virginia, it is logical to assume that breaking a turnout record will benefit Democrats, but it is way too soon to draw any conclusions.

It is possible that Youngkin could win a high turnout election, but that wasn’t the scenario that his campaign was hoping for.

Democrats may be getting their voters out, and if Democrats showed up to any reasonable degree, Terry McAuliffe’s odds of winning are only helped.