Watch Insurrection Supporter Louie Gohmert Humiliate Himself On Climate Change

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) claimed that climate change is good because making the planet a little warmer means more time for crops to grow and more food.

Louie Gohmert Claims That The Earth Warming Is Good For Farmers


Gohmert said on the House floor, “I’ve read where experts have said if you’ve got a choice between the temperature getting slightly warmer or slightly colder, you want warmer because if it’s getting slightly colder, that means there’s less time for crops to grow. Slightly warmer, not too much warmer, you got more time for crops to grow. You got more food, and you have fewer people starving.”

The planet isn’t a thermostat that we can turn up a tick when it gets a little chilly. A slight warming of the earth means extreme climate shifts that destroy crops and farmland. It means more extreme storms, tornados, drought, hurricanes, which have consequences like fires and floods.

Gohmert Is Both A Climate Change Denier And A Supporter Of Domestic Terrorists

One would like to believe that Gohmert was intentionally lying about the impact of the planet-warming, but he has a well-earned reputation as the dumbest person in Congress.

Rep. Gohmert is a long-time climate change denier. He is a devoted supporter of both QAnon and the insurrection. Gohmert is a danger to both democracy and the planet.

Republicans are selling the destruction of the planet as a good thing, which is not surprising when one considers that the GOP now acts more like a terror cell than a political party.